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Terms and conditions –

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Terms and Conditions


To formalize a reservation, we require the payment in advance of a part of the total rental fee, which varies from 15% to 40% depending on the respective apartment. Payment can be made by bank transfer or by credit card (Visa or MasterCard). In case payment is made by bank transfer, it is required to send a copy of the bank transfer by email. This amount will not be refunded in case the reservation is cancelled unless otherwise stated on the details' page of the apartment. All reservations need to be confirmed by before they are valid.


All prices include a normal use of electricity, water and gas, as well as the rent of sheets and towels, unless indicated otherwise.

The prices are always mentioned in Euros (€) and may vary according to the season or in relation to special events, depending on the apartment concerned.

Apartments Rent The Sun and More S.L.reserves the right to change them, updating at the same time its website.

Unless indicated otherwise, the initial cleaning of the apartment will be included in the price. The clients are requested to leave the apartment in a similar state as they found it.


The payment of the whole rent will have to be made by the client when receiving the keys to the apartment, after first deducting the downpayment made for the reservation. Depending on the apartment, credit cards (Visa and MasterCard) will be accepted. Payments for bookings for the World Mobile Congress in February may be requested in full at least 15 days prior to the arrival.


Unless otherwise stated on the apartment's details page, under no conditions the amount paid to make the reservation will be refunded.

The clients are recommended to take out a travel insurance.

Cancellations of any type, including those based on force majeur, will be subject to this cancellation policy.

If in some exceptional case Apartments Rent The Sun and More S.L. were not able to offer the rented accommodation, we reserve the right to transfer the client to a similar apartment. In the case this is a cheaper accommodation, the difference will be refunded to the client, and in the case it is more expensive, the client will not be charged more. In the case that the client does not agree, the client will be entitled to a full refund of the reservation fee.


When entering the apartment, the client must pay a deposit as security for damages to the apartment or its contents, the amount of which will depend on the rented apartment. The deposit will be paid back when the clients leaves, once it has been determined that no damages have been produced. In case a set of keys is lost, the deposit will be used to pay a new copy.


By default, unless indicated differently in the description of each apartment, entry to the apartment will always be after 15:00 hrs and departure before 11:00 hrs in the morning, so as to allow enough time for the apartment to be cleaned.

Entry after 20:00 hrs implies an additional charge for the client of € 20, unless in the details of the apartment it is specified otherwise.

Entry to the apartment is not allowed for a number of persons superior to the number stipulated in the rental agreement. This will be cause for withholding the deposit and will suppose the immediate expulsion of the client from the apartment.


No pets of any kind are allowed in the apartments unless otherwise stated on the apartment's details page.

House rules

The clients must respect the apartment's neighbours, which necessarily implies that:

•  it is prohibited to celebrate any kind of party or to play loud music in the rented apartment or the communal areas

•  it is requested to respect the hours of silence which last from 22:00 hrs until 10:00 hrs in the morning

•  it is requested not to make noise while walking up and down the stairs in the building, especially at night

•  it is requested not to leave the lift doors open

•  it is recommended always to lock the door of the apartment with key, to avoid any kind of robbery

•  it is requested to maintain the communal areas clean

We appreciate your cooperation. In the case the client causes any nuisance to the neighbours, the client and his/her companions will be obliged to abandon the apartment immediately, without being entitled to any kind of refund.

We cannot fully guarantee you the floor level of your apartment in the event we have identical apartments within the same building.


Apartments Rent The Sun and More S.L. is not the owner of the apartments, it only acts as intermediary between the client and the owner, and its services end with the confirmation of the reservation and the sending of the instructions on how to get to the apartment.

Under no conditions Apartments Rent The Sun and More S.L. nor any of its employees will be liable for any damages or injuries suffered by the clients or his possessions or the apartment during the rental period, including those caused by robbery, assault, inundation or fire.

The hearing of law suits that might arise between the client and Apartments Rent The Sun and More S.L. corresponds to the local courts of the customer location for EU citizens or Barcelona for citizens outside EU.

Website and company

The contract will be stored. For safety reasons your order's data are not available via Internet. We keep these data in confidence according to our privacy policy.

The customer authorises to publish customer's comments regarding his stay and apartment evaluation. is a domain property of the company Apartments Rent The Sun and More S.L. with registered office in Barcelona, Paseo de Gracia 39 and CIF B63666887, registered at the Chamber of Commerce, and at the Registro de Empresas de Actividad Turística (REAT) with number EB-00198.